Applications for Local Charitable Foundations

Applications for Local Charitable Foundations

Organizational meeting  Our Trust Department oversees the Elizabeth Baker Foundation Trust, the Corwin-Memorial Trust, the James & Owen Duff Trust, and the W. D. Kilton Trust funds.  These trusts regularly distribute funds to various organizations and projects that their committee members understand to be within the guidelines laid out for the management of each trust.  To be considered for a bequest from any of these funds, please fill out the application below for the trust from which you would like to petition funds, and print. Each application includes a submission due date, as well as the number of copies to submit. The Bank will no longer make additional copies of submitted applications. Applications sent in without adequate copies may not be accepted for consideration.  Please submit proof that your organization is a qualified charitable organization under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code Section 2055 and Section 501(c)(3) and successor sections. Applicants will be notified in writing of the committee's decision after the members meet, which is usually 1 to 2 weeks after the submission due date.  For further information, please contact Joann H. Anderson, EVP & Chief Trust Officer at Bank & Trust Company at or 217.324.3935.

Use the links below to access the fillable forms, or print to fill out. Please follow the application directions.



These links are to fillable PDF forms:

Elizabeth Baker Foundation Trust Application

Corwin Memorial Trust Application

James A Duff & Owen M Duff Memorial Trust Application

W. D. Kilton Trust Application


If you cannot open the links above, use the links below for print-outs of the forms.

Elizabeth Baker Foundation Trust Application, printable

Corwin Memorial Trust Application, printable

James A Duff & Owen M Duff Memorial Trust Application, printable

W. D. Kilton Trust Application, printable